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Electrified Tractor Presents Efficiency Gains and Cost Reductions

The efficient use of natural resources and sustainability are prominent themes. In this context, vehicle electrification stands out as an important element, representing a significant shift towards more sustainable practices. It's common for companies, within ESG (environmental, social, and governance) policies, to seek sustainability through reducing their carbon footprint.

The internal engineering team at Mercosul Motores led a conversion project, where the electric motor, parts, and the conversion from combustion to electric were carried out in-house at the factory premises. The project involves the electrification of an old tractor, initially a proof of concept, now in operational use within our factory.

The motivation behind this project is tied to the quest for more sustainable solutions and improvement in the operational efficiency of utility vehicles.

The precise details of the conversion project are as follows:

• E-motor power: up to 20 hp

• Torque: up to 63 Nm

• Traction: 4x2 on the rear axle

• Maximum speed: 30 km/h

• Zero emissions: throughout operation

• Battery bank: LiFePO4 cells

It's a three-phase induction motor with a high degree of protection and efficiency above 90%, equipped with temperature and speed sensors. The selection of connectors, contactors, emergency switch, and cables demonstrates special attention to operational details, system safety, and reliability.

The project includes additional devices like a Battery Management System (BMS), AC-DC charger, along with other components to ensure functionality. Depending on the usage profile, the e-tractor's battery bank provides up to a full day of operation, taking a few hours to reach 100% charge.

The tractor performs typical functions of a conventional one but with the advantage of being powered by electricity, making it eco-friendly and more economical in terms of fuel (diesel) and maintenance costs. It also reduces noise and vibrations. Within our factory, the electrified tractor serves to carry out delivery and material transport tasks, proving that electrification is viable and effective.

In tests, our e-tractor showed superior performance compared to the original project. Its excellent responsiveness makes it more 'aggressive,' efficient, and provides greater traction control. Along with smoother and quieter movement that makes driving even more enjoyable.

The trend is towards increased adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles due to their benefits, driven by long-term operational cost reductions and technological advancements that increase battery capacity and autonomy.

Author: Letícia Tobias - Maxiotech Technological Solutions.

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