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We are MERCOSUL MOTORES, an industry that unites technological innovation, sustainability and human values!

We started our story in 2018, after a group of investors acquired the industrial park where the first manufacturer of electric motors in Brazil was located. We maintained the reference and quality of products already known by customers and sought to add new technologies and solutions to the portfolio in line with our vision: To be a sustainable, prosperous and humanitarian company!

Currently, we are among the major players in the segment on the national scene and our product line includes induction motors, single-phase and three-phase at low voltage, for commercial and industrial lines, with powers of up to 1000hp. Our engines are 100% laboratory tested and meet the most demanding quality and performance tests and standards.

In addition, we have in our portfolio, devices for Industrial automation, Moto-pumps, speed reducers and automotive electric mobility solutions.

Our structure is installed in an industrial park of 25,000 m², with a team of more than 400 employees and producing around 30,000 engines per month. We have an Authorized Network and technical assistance that includes more than 300 partners located throughout the national territory.

Our sales force has more than 70 highly qualified representatives, strategically positioned in all states of the national territory and in South America.

Mercosul Motores Elétricos has positioned itself as a protagonist in the development of sustainable technologies. We are aligned with the demands of the future and committed to actions that will develop the planet in a sustainable way. Our company is a true invitation to anyone who wants to be part of this transformation.


Be the energy that gives meaning to life.


Be a symbol of unity between the planet and human beings


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