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A walk for the end of violence against women

Last week, people from across the country came together to raise their voices against an unfortunate evil that significantly affects women and girls every day: violence.

In just the first half of 2022, according to data released by the Ministry of Human Rights and Citizenship, the helpline received 31,398 reports and 169,676 instances involving domestic violence against women.

Statistics from the Security Observatory Network's bulletin indicate that a woman becomes a victim of violence every four hours in Brazil.

It's important to consider that many cases have happened and continue to occur without being reported, often out of fear or manipulation by the aggressor, causing victims to endure continuous physical, verbal, emotional, sexual, and financial violence.

On December 10, 2023, in a movement initiated by the UN, walks around the world were conducted to raise awareness and combat violence against women. The theme for the UN's 2023 campaign was 'Unite to End Violence Against Women and Girls.'

In Brazil, the event was organized by the Women of Brazil group, which emerged in 2013 from the initiative of Luiza Helena Trajano, chair of the board of Magazine Luiza, and 40 other women active in various activities.

The organization's main objective is to engage society in building a fairer and more equitable Brazil and to improve the overall reality of women in the country. To achieve this, it hosts discussions on relevant topics such as public policies for women, inclusive education, and respect for human rights.

The movement operates on various fronts, including education, entrepreneurship, culture, and combating violence against women. The latter topic is especially relevant in the current context of Brazil, where rates of violence against women remain alarming.

Regarding this specific topic, the Women of Brazil group has spearheaded various movements, such as the December 10 walk, focused on promoting women's rights and raising awareness about and combating the various types of abuse they face daily.

By participating in these movements, all of us can contribute to combating violence against women, emphasizing that these movements are not only about moments of protest but also serve as spaces for exchanging experiences among women and disseminating information about rights and reporting channels.

As a supporter of the cause, Mercosul Motores made its presence felt at the walk held in the city of Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, thereby motivating a fairer and safer country for women and demonstrating that their voices not only can but will be heard.

Do you know of any cases of violence against women?

The 'Ligue 180' brazilian helpline is an exclusive service for women under the management of the Ministry of Women, Family, and Human Rights (MMFDH), aimed at guiding and providing support for women experiencing situations of violence.

Don't stay silent, report! You too can contribute to a better country for girls and women both inside and outside their homes.

References: Women of Brazil group, Agência Brasil, Ministry of Human Rights and Citizenship.

Writers: Thomas Silva and Infinity Copy AI.

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