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Sustainable Solutions at Mercopar 2023

Recognized as one of the largest industrial events in Latin America, the Mercopar fair aims to foster business and partnerships while promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences among participants. In this year's edition, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices took center stage as one of the key themes of the event.

By directing the focus of the fair towards this theme, visitors had the opportunity to observe a variety of industrial solutions aligned with ESG principles, demonstrating that it is possible to combine profitability with respect for the environment and society.

Mercosul Motores made its presence felt at the fair with two innovations that caught the attention of visitors. In addition to electric motors, Mercosul debuted its entry into the mobility sector with three-phase induction motors for electric tractors and golf carts, reaffirming its commitment to sustainable and efficient solutions and demonstrating an understanding that the future of the automotive industry is intrinsically linked to environmental issues.



Electric motors represent a viable alternative to traditional combustion engines, contributing not only to the reduction of emissions but also offering users a more economical and sustainable option.

For a combustion-powered vehicle to be converted into an electric one, three main components are required: a battery, an inverter, and an electric motor. In addition to producing electric motors, Mercosul Motores collaborates with partners who facilitate the delivery of the other components, making the customer's experience in transitioning their vehicle easier and faster.

Throughout the event, detailed technical presentations were conducted on the components, featuring participation from expert professionals ready to clarify doubts and demonstrate all the functionalities and advantages of the equipment.

With its electric motor solutions making industrial and automotive processes more sustainable and economical, Mercosul Motores contributed knowledge and experience to the Mercopar fair, resulting in an expanded understanding of innovative and less environmentally harmful alternatives and encouraging companies to adopt a more conscious and sustainable approach in their operations.

Author: Thomas Silva.

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