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Mercosul Motores launches Vehicle Electrification Kits at Electric Move 2023

Between the 1st and 3rd of September 2023, the city of Caxias do Sul was the stage for Electric Move, the 1st Electric Vehicle and Mobility Exhibition in Rio Grande do Sul. The fair
provided an immersion in electric mobility trends and featured lectures and debates, in addition to the exhibition of products and projects from regional companies.

Given everything that was exposed at the fair, it became clear that electric mobility is no longer a trend of the future, but rather an already consolidated reality. Mercosul Motores was one of the companies sponsoring the event. Your stand attracted public attention, remaining busy throughout every day of the fair.

Among the various products that made up the stand, the most prominent were the electrified tractor, as a fully operational proof of concept, launch of the engine
vehicle with liquid cooling and the electrification of a Palio vehicle.

The latter aimed to demonstrate, in a practical way, the feasibility of electrifying a popular vehicle, emphasizing the ease of assembly and integration of the electrical set.

The launch of electrification kits gained special attention. Divided into categories, these kits are aimed at the light and utility vehicle market. When adopting electric technology, the notable benefits result in quieter operation, greater energy efficiency, elimination of pollutant emissions and more accessible and economical transportation. These conversion kits combine efficiency and quality in a complete mobility solution.

Components of Electrification Kits

Electric Motor: 100% nationally manufactured, it is mainly responsible for vehicle traction. Its design is optimized to ensure performance in electric vehicles.

Frequency Inverter: ensures that the electric motor operates at the ideal frequency, thus guaranteeing the necessary speed and torque, providing smooth and efficient driving.

Batteries: use lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) technology. These batteries offer greater safety, durability and efficiency. Furthermore, they can be configured according to the specifications desired by the customer.

Light Vehicle Kits
Ideal for golf carts, tricycles, industrial tugs, buggies, quadricycles and similar. This line delivers efficiency, durability and performance for these categories. Check out the kit details below.

Utility Vehicle Kits

Thinking about a more robust segment, these kits are perfect for electric forklifts, passenger vehicles, agricultural vehicles, among others. The use of these kits not only enhances the vehicles' working capacity, but also offers a more sustainable and economical alternative, minimizing emissions and reducing operating costs.

The products mentioned are just a few examples of our electrification portfolio, however, we can supply kits beyond the stated capabilities.

For more information, contact us. Mercosul Motores thanks everyone who visited our stand. It was a pleasure to share more about our company and, in particular, about the advances achieved through continuous commitment to research, partnerships and development of solutions in the field of electromobility. We remain committed to bringing innovative and sustainable solutions to the Brazilian market.

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